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Congratulations Class of 2016

The Graduation of CIAM Class of 2016 was on

Saturday, June 11th

Our extraordinary graduation speaker gave an exceptional speech. Read the transcript below.

bartmann-web.jpgMR. BILL BARTMANN

Graduation Speaker

Transcript: Students, I HOPE YOU FAIL!

Ok, already, you are pretty sure this is not going to be your typical commencement speech. And you are correct! The typical commencement speech would congratulate you for your great accomplishment and throw you some platitudes about “being the future of the world”.

You were smart enough to get accepted in and graduate from this program. That means you are smart enough to know – platitudes – have little value. Oh, I do want to congratulate you, but I did not come to give you useless platitudes. I came to tell you,… THAT I HOPE YOU FAIL!

…and I don’t just wish you minor failure, I wish you major, catastrophic, epic failures. I hope your failures become legendary! I hope your failures become books and movies! I hope generations from now – schools and classrooms around the world – are teaching students about your failure! I wish this upon you – because I want you to have equally epic & legendary success! For without great failure - there can be no great success. To expect it to be otherwise is naïve and counter to nature and physics... CLICK HERE to read more.

cohen-web.jpgDr. William A. Cohen

CIAM President Emeritus

Transcript: Good afternoon, and welcome to the celebration and graduation of CIAM’s class of 2016.

You probably realize already that CIAM is not an ordinary graduate school and that our graduates are not like other MBA graduates, either. We teach using a method we developed called IATEP, which stands for Immediately Applied Theory for Enhanced Performance.

For one thing there are no written tests…. But that doesn’t make it easy. In fact it makes it a lot more difficult, because our students are graded on position papers, the ability to make planned and ad hoc presentations without any preparation or warning, on their thinking based on online and in-class discussions, on their ability to lead and function successfully as a member of a team, sometimes with clients around the globe, and beginning with the coming term of international teams with teammates located abroad.

They have survived 12 courses in which they had to actually perform as consultants and executives in every course and in every lesson. They struggled with issues, formed strategies, led teams, persuaded colleagues, professors and consulting clients and tasted both success, and at times failure, too and failure is one of life’s great teachers... CLICK HERE to read more.

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CIAM is now partnered with the Smart Cities Institute:

If you are a CIAM graduate or a CIAM professor, and are interested in part time, paid, international consulting, please send an e-mail with attachments including photo, a 100-word bio of your professional background, and your complete contact information to Claudia Sarabia, Director of Organizational Development/Career Services at


Distinguished Alumni Spotlight

Distinguished Alumni Spotlight

CIAM alumni include CEO's of various startups and successful businesses, directors, executives; as well as our very own university president. Here we highlight a few of our alumni with great success or achievements.

  • Claudia Sarabia, MBA

    Ms. Sarabia has over 10 years of experience in office administration and data management in the areas of commercial real estate, banking, arts non-profit, and city government. At General Growth Properties she managed special projects and systematized data management for the top three leasing professionals nationwide. Additionally, she has a strong customer service background having worked with various commercial and retail companies. On graduation from CIAM, she was hired as Executive Assistant to the V.P. of Administration and Assistant Director of Organizational Development.

  • Donny Yu, MBA

    In 1991, Mr. Yu established his information technology company and expanded to cover many industries, including education, communications and real estate. Mr. Yu has extensive hands on experience in server configuration, network integration, mission critical deployment, software customization and programming. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Business Solutions Certified Master.

  • Dr. Najib Babul

    Dr. Babul is an entrepreneur, drug developer and inventor with over 25 years of experience in bringing new drugs to market. Dr. Babul was the Founder, CEO and CSO of TheraQuest, a clinical stage pharmaceutical company. He has served as VP, Clinical Development at Cadence Pharma, VP, Global Drug Development at Scirex Corp and Director, Clinical Research at Purdue Pharma. Dr. Babul has been an invited speaker at FDA and at scientific meetings. He has over 170 publications in leading medical journals. Dr. Babul received his undergraduate and doctor of pharmacy degrees from the University of British Columbia and SUNY, Buffalo, respectively.

  • Miranda Lam

    Ms. Lam’s career spans from Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical to Library and Information Science. Having graduated with a BS in Pharmacology from UCSB, she worked as a Laboratory Analyst for industry giants Bayer Healthcare, Allergan, and Roche. With her MS degree from SJSU, she has had exposure to working in diverse library settings: corporate, academic, and public libraries. She continues to strengthen her professional experience, contribution, and motivation by currently working as a Medical Librarian at Charles Drew University.

  • Paul-long Lee, MBA

    Mr. Lee is a graduate of CIAM, obtaining his MBA in 2014. He has had job experience in a variety of fields over the course of his professional career, from management, to marketing, to media management, and web development. Entering the workforce at a young age, Mr. Lee is equipped with over 10 years of extensive business experience, quick thinking, and a “git ’er done” attitude. He strongly believes that success is not a given, but rather earned through perseverance, flexibility, and an open mind. In 2013, Mr. Lee joined, managed, and operated a business in the powersports industry that grew to a multi-million-dollar operation during his 3-year tenure. Today, Mr. Lee has joined CIAM because of his strong belief of what school stands for: a revolution in education.

  • Penny Li, MBA, MPA

    Ms. Li has 8 years of professional media experience as a TV executive in China. During the production of a televised charity event, she organized a media aid project / fundraiser that raised $150,000 for 6,000 children with cerebral palsy. As an assistant counselor, Ms. Li assisted over 600 international and domestic students at California State University, Northridge, with their transition from their respective community colleges to CSUN. Ms. Li also has experience as a Chinese program coordinator at a Chinese language school in Los Angeles and was also a business assistant at the University Student Union, Inc. at CSUN and won an award for the most inspirational student assistant employee of the year.

  • Sheldon Au

    Mr. Au has 10 years of experience in Technology as a Systems Analyst/Information Technology Consultant for Intnet Inc, which specializes in IT Infrastructure Virtualization, Data Integrity/Protection, and MS Dynamics NAV - empowering employees in work processes and business performance. His areas of expertise feature implementation and integration of ERP software, analysis of company workflows and enhancing them through software, and maintenance support of network performance for servers and peripherals. He is an alumnus of Cal Poly Pomona, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Business Administration - Finance, Real Estate and Law. He is currently the CTO for Intnet Inc.

  • Srinivas Santhanam

    Mr. Santhanam excelled in corporate Technology for over 2 decades serving clients in envisioning and reaching their strategic roadmaps and goals. In 2013 he transitioned from a Zurich Executive role as Head of Emerging Technologies and Chief Architect for Global Shared Services to executing his personal roadmap as an Entrepreneur and completing an MBA in Executive Management & Entrepreneurship from CIAM in 2014.  

    His startup venture (iOS & Web) is a social networking marketplace that assists Mentees/Pupils in finding and connecting securely with Mentors to develop and strengthen extracurricular, career, and life skills. Srini also leverages his CIAM experiential skills as an Independent Consultant for his varied corporate clientele in their transformational IT journeys to the Cloud.

  • Truong Trinh

    Mr. Trinh has several years of account management and customer services experience from Northwestern Mutual, and Metropolitan Home Mortgage.   His experience ranges from sales and accounting across different industries such as academics and government services.   He advanced at Prime Automotive working in management efficiency, distribution sales, and inventory.  With Alliance Inspection Management, he worked as Business Development Analyst and is currently an On-Premise Consultant for Panasonic.

  • Winnie Phan

    Ms. Phan has garnered 2 decades professional experience in the mortgage and investment industries: last 13 years in investment counsel.  Working at Indymac Bank, she analyzed loan portfolios in generating time sensitive reports for management decision making on investor performance and loss mitigation.  At Payden Investment Counsel, she worked as a Portfolio Reporting Analyst for individual and institutional clients ranging from multi-million to multi-billion assets under management, ensuring portfolio analytics, reporting, and client service were best served.  She is Series 6 and 63 licensed (inactive).  She worked for Career Services Specialist and Accounting Manager for CIAM upon graduation. She is currently working with Arris at Google as a Supply Planner.