The Impact of Giving

The Impact of Giving

Philanthropy is crucial to CIAM. By providing support for the academic program and financial aid, your gift truly enriches the student experience at our school and enables CIAM to achieve its high educational ideals and continue to provide pro bono services to the community.


By making a gift to CIAM, alumni, parents, and friends ensure the vitality of the school today and into the future.

Giving Priorities for CIAM


Costs for the school's need-based financial aid program have risen in recent years, the result of pressure on families dealing with uncertainty in the economy. Gifts for financial aid make the difference in the college’s ability to keep CIAM affordable.


Philanthropic support makes all the difference in the classroom. It gives CIAM the means to maintain small classes, hire and retain a brilliant and dedicated faculty, and sustain a community of learners invigorated by ideas.


The graduate school studies are a time of growth and the CIAM community is a place to thrive. Philanthropic gifts dedicated to student life enhance the student experience both in and out of the classroom by supporting the consulting program, providing experience to develop career-building skills, and strengthening the school's wellness programs and counseling resources.

Corporate Donations

Individual Scholarships