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Try one full MBA course while paying NO TUITION with our Try Before Buy offer.

Online or On Campus
This offer is available for both the online and on-campus version of our MBA.

Free Textbooks
Electronic Textbooks are included in our fixed $20,000 tuition.

7 Week Course
Each term is 7 weeks long. The full-time MBA can be completed in as little as 11 MONTHS!

Why Free?

The Try Before You Buy program is for people who are unsure of the value of an MBA, or their willingness to commit to the rigors, or expense of an MBA. Over 80% of our TBB candidates went on to complete their MBA programs, earning a degree for life!

This Free offer is genuine and unique. You take the course, paying nothing. At the end of the 7 week course you have two choices. Choice one is continue with the program, paying for the first course, and making payments as you register for additional courses. Financial aid is available if you need it. Choice two is to decide not to continue and walk away wihtout paying anything. You will not earn a grade and will not get credit for the course—and we will thank you for having the courage to at least try an MBA course.

Is an MBA with CIAM worth it?

YES! Businesses complain that MBA graduates are unprepared for the real world. Graduates of MBA programs feel they are not as valued after graduation as they thought they would be. CIAM prepares you by giving you real world experience in real companies. Our students propose solutions to real problems and address the needs of client companies in a total of 12 consulting reports. CIAM satisfies the concerns of both the graduate and the employer by truly preparing the graduate for the real world.

Start Now and Graduate in 11 Months!

Without your MBA, the next promotion in your company may be to someone with less experience than you have, but who has completed his/her MBA. Don’t delay! Register today. The next classes start February 24th and 27th. You can do it!


*This offer is not available for International Students who wish to study in the US. 

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