The California institute of Advanced Management is affiliated with the Drucker Academies of China and Hong Kong.

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CIAM is affiliated in a non-financial way with the Peter F. Drucker Academy (PFDA). PFDA offers management training courses in 33 locations in China and Hong Kong and does not have the intent nor right to use any accreditation of state licensure possessed by CIAM. With the goals of building Chinese management capacity, it is inspired by the work of Peter F. Drucker, whose ideas are incorporated into all of its programs. PFDA is funded by Minglo Shao who also has been the source of unrestricted grants to CIAM. In this sense there is an unofficial affiliation with CIAM since both institutions are financially supported by Minglo Shao. This allows free interchange of ideas between the two organizations CIAM and PFDA although there is no formal or legal connection


CIAM Administration Ribbon Cutting for the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce

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CIAM Administration with the Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce