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About CIAM

Our Mission

To provide a flexible, affordable, and high quality education based on the principles and values of Peter F. Drucker, “the Father of Modern Management” to enable students to immediately apply their knowledge with integrity and success.


Five principles of management meaningful to Peter Drucker were:


1) Establishing measurements of performance

2) Motivating and communicating

3) Setting objectives

4) Organizing

5) Developing people

• Complete your MBA in Executive Management and Entrepreneurship in 11 or 22 months.

• Flexible enrollment periods: new classes start every 7 to 9 weeks—start at your convenience.

• On Line and On Campus courses available; to fit your needs and schedule

• Classes on campus are designed for convenience; Classes offered in the evening and on Saturday; never worry about getting any class.

• Get Real-world consulting experience with U.S. or International Companies in every one of the 12 courses within the MBA program.

• Build a portfolio of accomplishments, not just a degree or a resume.

• No cost for E-Textbooks; included in the affordable tuition.

• No Prerequisites required.  We accept an undergraduate degree in any field.

• Distinguished Professors:  All faculty have doctorates from accredited universities.

• Try before you buy; take a Trial MBA course without paying tuition. Email for more info

• Student Focused; classes limited to 20 students.

• Recharge your learning at no extra cost; Graduates are welcome to sit in on any course at no cost (space available basis).


CIAM Advantages

“The California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM) has one goal: to give you the opportunity to create your own future in the setting of your choice. To accomplish this we have built our courses and our program around what managers and entrepreneurs need to know to succeed in today’s challenging and competitive environment. Top executives and future employers today understand that today’s essential employees--who Peter F. Drucker, The Father of Modern Management, called “knowledge workers”-- cannot be managed, but must be led. Moreover, this leadership role can only be accomplished by managers who not only have MBAs, but also have perspective  anchored in experience and in a wide range of disciplines. What you have already learned in life and in college, no matter what your major, and what you have gained from interacting with others in the past, are the doors to opportunity. The CIAM MBA gives you the keys to open these doors by building on your personal world setting.”


Jennie Ta is a co-founder of CIAM.  She served as CIAM’s Vice President of Administration/CFO since January 2015, having previously served as Director of Administration/CFO since January 2011. Prior to joining CIAM, she served as Assistant Manager and climbing the ranks to Assistant General Manager at Real Mex Restaurants. She was responsible for all aspects of operations such as training, profit and loss, administration, inventory control, and more.  Prior to that, Jennie was Coordinator in the Tuition Assistance department and then Financial Aid Advisor at Touro University International. She has experience in administrative and organizational management in different industries for well over a decade. She was one of five “Rising Star” finalists for LABJ’s 2013 Women Making A Difference Awards. She earned her MBA in 2013.

A Message from the President

Jennie Ta, MBA  

President of CIAM

CIAM values and promotes a culture respecting ethics, integrity, and the fulfillment of duty to our constituents, employees and society. These values flow directly from the wisdom of Peter Drucker.

CIAM’s Values Statement

CIAM seeks to revolutionize education, connecting what is taught in the classroom to the demands of the real world, through the wisdom of Peter Drucker, the “Father of Modern Management”.


CIAM achieves this by pioneering the experiential learning approach in graduate education; evolving education and empowering leaders by giving them the experience needed to develop socially-responsible solutions in the global communities in which they serve.

CIAM’s Vision Statement

The California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM) was founded by Dr. William A. Cohen (President Emeritus), and Ms. Jennie Ta (President/CEO) with the encouragement of philanthropist Minglo Shao, the principal benefactor of the school. Mr. Shao has a substantial history of funding educational endeavors and programs and is owner/founder of The Peter Drucker Academy of China, which teaches Drucker courses in 32 cities in China plus Hong Kong. In the past the Academy has offered accredited MBA degrees in partnership with U.S. and Chinese universities.

History of CIAM

CIAM Objectives

CIAM is committed to offer a specialized Masters In Business Administration where students will demonstrate elements in each of the items listed below.


The objectives below are attributed to the principles of Peter Drucker: 

1. The ability to establish job performance utilizing quantitative and qualitative information.

2. The ability to effectively communicate in both verbal and written formats to professionals in a business environment.

3. The ability to effectively motivate peers and subordinates in a business environment.

4. The ability to establish objectives for task completion including time lines and measurable milestones.

5. The ability to organize both their own personal agendas as well as the organization of corporate tasks to foster efficiency and ethical compliance in a business setting.

6. The application of tools to foster motivation and career advancement of employees within their business setting.


The objectives below are attributed to the entire graduate business program and are incorporated in the twelve courses of the MBA: 

1. Verbal communication skills by delivering effective communications.

2. Visual communication skills by effectively utilizing and employing computer software with both content and the display of information.

3. Written communication skills at the time of admission exemplified in the completion of an essay involving critical thinking and competent English language usage.

4. Written communication skills by producing professional-quality business documents, including threaded discussion dialogue, research papers and consulting/case reports.

5. Effective leadership as evidenced in the production of a course consulting project/case.

6. Collaboration, contribution, and timeliness in achieving common team goals associated with the production of a client consulting project/case.

7. Interviewing skills, client needs, contract development, industry research, and produce a verbal, visual, and written report commensurate with the contract proposal/case analysis.

8. The ability to apply principles of theory and accepted “best practices” within business environments


The objectives below are specific to each of the courses within the MBA program and are focused on material relevant to

business managers:  

1. The ability to identify problems, evaluate the quality of the evidence, and undertake appropriate analyses to produce appropriate solutions.

2. The ability to integrate across analytic components of data to identify relationships and interrelationships to apply theoretical constructs in a business setting.

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